Routine of the day

Welcoming time

  • Your childcare practitioner will welcome your child with a smile! We have a poster on the front door with different morning greetings and children can choose how to say good morning to their teacher or bye to their parents. Children are encouraged to place their personal belongings into their individual cupboards. Children also have a sign-in/sign-out board with personalised magnetic name labels.

Meal Times

  • We all sit together, and the children serve themselves. For each meal, we provide different opinions and children choose what they want to eat. We talk about table manners and healthy eating. Children have individual Montessori table mats and enjoy setting the table up. We encourage independence and teach our little ones to use spoons, forks, and napkins. Older children use child safety knives to cut their fruits and vegetables. Children have personalized cups and learn to pour their own drinks.

Circle time/ Group sessions

  • Singing session –  We use microphones and musical instruments alongside singing. We have a music tree and children choose what they want to sing.
  • Wake up – shake up session– we are doing different exercises such as jumps, jogging etc.
  • Children’s yoga session -we listen to relaxing music and stretch our bodies. We do chair and mat yoga sessions
  • Storytime –  We use audio stories, made-up stories, and puppets alongside stories.
  • Dancing session – we listen to different styles of music -rock and roll, jazz,  classical, Latino, etc. We try to follow the rhythm and learn simple steps and dance choreography
  • Group Discussions 
  • Makaton session – involves singing songs alongside sign language.
  • Tap Tap Box What’s in the box game – Language and Vocabulary focused session where the children have to describe and guess the item in the box.

Child-initiated activities

  • Children follow their interests. They can look at our book of resources and choose what they want to play with. We get involved in children’s play and help them to build new skills following their interests. For example, if a child chose to play with a train we will sit next to the child and teach the child to count the coaches or recognize the colours etc.

Tidy-up time

  • We encourage the children to put their toys away while listening/ singing to our special tidy-up song. This makes the process so much fun and enjoyable for the little ones!

Invitations to Play 

  • We invite the children to take part in new experiences and learning opportunities. Every day we have something new and exciting! We provide a variety of activities linked to our curriculum, children’s interests, and their next steps. We celebrate over 150 festivals, events, and special days throughout the year!

Nap time for the little ones 

  • Children have individual beds and bed sheets. We always read a book before bedtime or listen to relaxing music. Children sleep in separate room so they can get quality rest. 

Nearly the end of the day we always have Circle time. / Group discussion

  • We all sit on the carpet and discuss how our day went. We ask the children what they enjoyed most, what they found exiting etc.

Home time

  • At the end of the day, we send daily diaries to parents with information about meals, nap times, activities etc.