The balanced weekly diet includes foods covering all six nutritional groups. Our meals are prepared with minimal addition of salt and sugar. Our menus included have been planned to provide approximately 90% of the average daily energy and nutrient requirements for a child aged one to four years, divided across meals and snacks provided during full daycare in the following proportions:




Our aims! Mealtimes are special and important times in our setting. We all eat together, and we all use good table manners! We learn about healthy eating, and we talk about food we like, and we do not like and why? We are independent and we serve our meals and pour our drinks all by ourselves!

Respect others and the environment! Children take turns serving their meals, so they learn to be patient, respect, and accept others’ needs. Children help to clean and wipe the table after, meals so they learn to respect and look after the environment!

Table manners! Children are encouraged to use knife, fork, and napkin. We teach them about good table manners!

Healthy eating! Children eat freshly cooked and homemade prepared food, so they learn about healthy eating! We regularly plan activities to support children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating! Children are encouraged to try new food and tastes so they can discover what they like!

Independence! Children serve and pour their drinks all by themselves! They learn to use jugs, dispensers, kitchen tongs etc. Children are involved in preparing meals and we often plan cooking experiences!

Individual needs! Our meals reflect children’s background and cultural believes as well as their individual dietary requirements!

Children’s Voice and Rights! Children have opportunities to choose between different options as we respect their individual tastes! Children are involved in creating the menus so they know their views are respected and listened to! Children have the right to say “No” and they are never pushed to eat or finish their food

Every effort will be made to ensure that the dietary needs of all our children are met and that those children with allergies and preferences are given a meal that is as similar as possible to the menu.

All food is made fresh within the nursery every day.