Our Team

We believe that a child’s smile is priceless. Therefore it is our mission to create all conditions for a happy and carefree childhood. Our staff is highly qualified, experienced and responsible with a loving approach to children.



We believe that children’s development should start from the very beginning. This is why we have built a wide variety of programmes and activities for teaching and educational purposes, offering a positive attitude towards children, building discipline, diligence, respect for each other, mutual help and confidence. In the programme, we have included a variety of activities aimed at developing the communication skills of the children and their ability of making own decisions, forming a proper attitude towards the environment they live in as well as the development of talents and other skills. The programme includes:

  • Education, teaching and entertainment
  • Encouraging art, cooking, music, dance, sports and other skills
  • Weekly visits to the library, a children’s centre, a bookstore and a park. The programme provides for plant and animal care
  • We will also organize theatrical performances, puppetries, visiting animators and the projection of films for children, as well as other fun and educational activities

It is also important to be mentioned, that individual approach and individual care for each child, depending on the age and emotional state of the child, will be provided. The younger children will be educated in an easy-to-understand manner, with more possibilities for games. We will always work towards the encouragement of the children to act independently, to share common toys, towards training habits (such as a transition from using a bottle to using a cup, sleeping alone, using a baby pot…) and removing dependencies (concerning pacifier, having milk before falling asleep…). The children will be assisted to crawl, make their first steps, spell their first words, sing and to get the habit of having a proper diet as well as having the right time management for activities and recreation.

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